Family of John LAMBERT

Partner: John LAMBERT (c. 1816-1886)
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Harriett LAMBERT (c. 1864- )
William LAMBERT (1866-1940)

Partner: John LAMBERT

Name: John LAMBERT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1816 Slough, Bucks.1
Occupation Coachman>Broker's Bailiff
Death 25 Nov 1886 (age 69-70) 3 Market Street, New Windsor aged 70.2
Burial plot CC38, Windsor Cemetery
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Child 1: Harriett LAMBERT

Name: Harriett LAMBERT
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1864 New Windsor, Berks.
Occupation Pupil teacher in 1881.

Child 2: William LAMBERT

Name: William LAMBERT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rosa Maria BRION (1871-1961)
Birth 2 Jul 1866 84 Peascod Street, Windsor
Occupation Merchant seaman / Postman
Death 23 May 1940 (age 73) 128 Arthur Road, Windsor3
Burial Plot CC38 Windsor Cemetery4
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2"Death certificate. Died of carcenoma of the liver and jaundice.".
3"Death certificate. Died of cerebral haemorrhage and hyperpilsia".
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