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Family of Walter LAMBERT and Sarah Ann MURRELL

Husband: Walter LAMBERT (1825- )
Wife: Sarah Ann MURRELL (1836- )
Children: Walter Eyre Dr. LAMBERT (1859-1930)
Unknown LAMBERT ( - )

Husband: Walter LAMBERT

Name: Walter LAMBERT
Sex: Male
Father: Walter J P & D L LAMBERT (1795-1867)
Mother: Ann EYRE (1800-1879)
Birth 1825
Occupation Emigrated To USA (Rog/Burke)

Wife: Sarah Ann MURRELL

Name: Sarah Ann MURRELL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1836 South Corolina

Child 1: Walter Eyre Dr. LAMBERT


Walter Eyre Dr. LAMBERT

Name: Walter Eyre Dr. LAMBERT
Sex: Male
Birth 1859
Occupation Left Charleston About 1878
Death 28 Jul 1930 (age 70-71) Murrey Bay Canada
Indiv Note

Child 2: Unknown LAMBERT

Name: Unknown LAMBERT
Sex: Female