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Family of Walter LAMBERT and Catherine STAUNTON

Husband: Walter LAMBERT ( -1832)
Wife: Catherine STAUNTON ( - )
Children: James Staunton LAMBERT ( - )
Maria Margaret LAMBERT ( -1853)
Harriet LAMBERT ( -1829)
Emily LAMBERT ( -1830)
Thomas Dominick LAMBERT (1791- )

Husband: Walter LAMBERT

Name: Walter LAMBERT
Sex: Male
Father: Charles (Of Greg Clare) LAMBERT ( - )
Mother: Margaret BROWNE ( - )
Occupation Land Owner Of Creg Clare
Death 25 Sep 1832
Indiv Note

Wife: Catherine STAUNTON

Name: Catherine STAUNTON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Occupation Of Waterdale House Co Galway

Child 1: James Staunton LAMBERT

Name: James Staunton LAMBERT
Sex: Male

Child 2: Maria Margaret LAMBERT

Name: Maria Margaret LAMBERT
Sex: Female
Death 1853 Unm

Child 3: Harriet LAMBERT

Name: Harriet LAMBERT
Sex: Female
Death 1829 Unm

Child 4: Emily LAMBERT

Name: Emily LAMBERT
Sex: Female
Death 1830 Umn

Child 5: Thomas Dominick LAMBERT

Name: Thomas Dominick LAMBERT
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 1791


1"Olive:- Where did photo come from Pat/Geoff:- What are working outs on back of map". Text From Source: !MARRIAGE: Marraige was recorded on Oct. 16, 1697, Chambalon.