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Family of David Leslie DONOHUE and Jeanne Francoise MILLOIR

Husband: David Leslie DONOHUE (1943- )
Wife: Jeanne Francoise MILLOIR (1653-1700)
Marriage Switzerland.

Husband: David Leslie DONOHUE

Name: David Leslie DONOHUE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: Mavora Evelyn (Jean) WOOD (1921-1999)
Birth 6 Oct 1943 Christchurch, Canterbury, N.Z.
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Wife: Jeanne Francoise MILLOIR

Name: Jeanne Francoise MILLOIR
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 19 Jan 1652/53 Quebec, PQ, Canada
Christening 5 Feb 1652/53 (age 0) Quebec, PQ, Canada
Death 9 Dec 1700 (age 47) St-Pierre, I'le d'Orleans, PQ, Canada
Burial 10 Dec 1700 St-Pierre, I'le d'Orleans, PQ, Canada
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