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Family of Stubbs LAMBERT and Annie Jane GUNN

Husband: Stubbs LAMBERT (1841-1908)
Wife: Annie Jane GUNN (1838-1925)
Children: Nathaniel LAMBERT ( - )
John William LAMBERT (1856- )
Mary LAMBERT ( - )
Stubbs LAMBERT ( - )
Marriage 15 Jan 1861 West Derby Lancs1

Husband: Stubbs LAMBERT

Name: Stubbs LAMBERT2
Sex: Male
Father: Peter Fitzwalter (The Rabbit) (Captain) LAMBERT (c. 1785-1844)
Mother: Maria Louisa CARROLL ( - )
Birth 1841 Ireland
Death 11 Jul 1908 (age 66-67) Cheetham Manchester Lancashire1
Burial 14 Jul 1908 Cheetham Hill Wesleyan Burial Ground1
Indiv Note

Wife: Annie Jane GUNN

Name: Annie Jane GUNN1,2
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1838 Fermoy Co Cork2
Death 1925 (age 86-87) Liverpool Lancashir2

Child 1: Nathaniel LAMBERT

Name: Nathaniel LAMBERT3
Sex: Male

Child 2: John William LAMBERT


John William LAMBERT

Name: John William LAMBERT4
Sex: Male
Spouse: Clara Altree WILLIAMS (1870- )
Birth 18564

Child 3: Mary LAMBERT

Name: Mary LAMBERT4
Sex: Female

Child 4: Stubbs LAMBERT

Name: Stubbs LAMBERT4
Sex: Male


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