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Family of John LAMBERT and Mary FRENCH

Husband: John LAMBERT (c. 1610-1683)
Wife: Mary FRENCH ( - )
Children: Charles LAMBERT (1660- )
Marriage 1659

Husband: John LAMBERT

Name: John LAMBERT
Sex: Male
Father: John LAMBERT (c. 1584-1655)
Mother: Janet TAYLOR ( - )
Birth c. 1610
Death 1683 (age 72-73)
Indiv Note

Wife: Mary FRENCH

Name: Mary FRENCH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Charles LAMBERT

Name: Charles LAMBERT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Janet TAYLOR ( - )
Birth 16601
Death Killed At The Siege Of Derry
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1"Notes on Lineage of Lamberts of Brookhill, Co Mayo".