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Family of Josias (Or Joseph) LAMBERT and Anne HERBER

Husband: Josias (Or Joseph) LAMBERT (1554-1632)
Wife: Anne HERBER (c. 1574-1615)
Children: Jane LAMBERT (c. 1593- )
Marriage 1594

Husband: Josias (Or Joseph) LAMBERT

Name: Josias (Or Joseph) LAMBERT
Sex: Male
Father: John LAMBERT (1522-1596)
Mother: Ann REDMAN ( - )
Birth 1554
Occupation 1599 Magistrate For West Riding
Death 2 Sep 1632 (age 77-78)
Burial 3 Sep 1632 Kerkby1
Indiv Note

Wife: Anne HERBER

Name: Anne HERBER
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas HERBER ( - )
Mother: Jane COLTHURST ( - )
Birth c. 1574
Christening 22 Jun 1574 (age 0)
Death 1615 (age 40-41)
Indiv Note

Child 1: Jane LAMBERT

Name: Jane LAMBERT
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1593

Note on Husband: Josias (Or Joseph) LAMBERT

This may be incorrectly linked despite Burke's Peerage saying it, because Peter Woods says this in an email indicating Josias farther is John LAMBERT of Wynterwell Hall, near Skipton-in-Craven, North Yorkshire SEE BELOW

Burke’s informant was mistaken (as were yours) in claiming that the LAMBERTS of Galway were descended from Josias, father of the General. He had the wrong Josias, the two being 2nd cousins.

Ancestors of Charles LAMBERT of Creg Clare, Co. Galway

First Generation

1. Charles LAMBERT of Creg Clare, Co. Galway was born after 1659 in Ireland. He died in 1689 in Siege of Derry, Ulster, Ireland.

Second Generation

2. John LAMBERT of Creg Clare, Co. Galway, Ireland was born after 1604. He died in 1683 in Ireland. He married Mary FRENCH about 23 Jun 1659.

3. Mary FRENCH was born after 1620.

Third Generation

4. Josias LAMBERT of Canbo Castle, Co. Roscommon died after 1626 in Ireland. He married Ann CROFTON about 1604 in , Connaught, Ireland.

5. Ann CROFTON .

Fourth Generation

8. John LAMBERT of Wynterwell Hall, near Skipton-in-Craven, North Yorkshire was born before 1514. He married Margaret CARR.

9. Margaret CARR was born about 1524. She died in 1608.

10. John CROFTON of Canbo Castle & Ballymurry, Co. Roscommon, Ireland was christened on 19 May 1540 in London, Middlesex, England. He died in 1610 in Ireland. He married Jane DUKE in 1565/1566.

11. Jane DUKE .

Fifth Generation

16. Christopher LAMBERT of Skipton-in-Craven, North Yorkshire was born after 1481. He died in 1556/1557. He married Agnes BUKOK\BUCKOK.

17. Agnes BUKOK\BUCKOK .

18. Amory CARR of Thornton-in-Craven, North Yorkshire .

22. William DUKE Sheriff of Cavan .William married Elizabeth PAULET.

23. Elizabeth PAULET .

Sixth Generation

32. Thomas LAMBERT of Skipton-in-Craven, Nth Yorkshire, England was born in Long Preston, near Skipton, North Yorkshire, England. He married Ellen WYKES in 1481.

33. Ellen WYKES .


1"The Lamberts and Their Succesors sent to AL by Dan Jordan".