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Family of TAYLOR and Beryl (Bellie) Ann DUNN

Husband: TAYLOR ( - )
Wife: Beryl (Bellie) Ann DUNN (1933- )
Children: Catrina (Trina) TAYLOR ( - )
Julian TAYLOR (1956- )
Gavin TAYLOR (1959- )
Marriage "unknown"1

Husband: TAYLOR

Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Beryl (Bellie) Ann DUNN

Name: Beryl (Bellie) Ann DUNN1,3
Sex: Female
Father: James (Jim) DUNN (1895-1976)
Mother: Violet Mary THOMAS (1895-1989)
Birth 29 Jul 19331,2

Child 1: Catrina (Trina) TAYLOR

Name: Catrina (Trina) TAYLOR
Sex: Female

Child 2: Julian TAYLOR

Name: Julian TAYLOR1
Sex: Male
Birth 19561

Child 3: Gavin TAYLOR

Name: Gavin TAYLOR1
Sex: Male
Birth 19591


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