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Family of JOY and Lillian Matilda DUNN

Husband: JOY ( - )
Wife: Lillian Matilda DUNN (1894-1925)
Children: Arthur Stanley BSc FRIC CEng FIMM JOY (c. 1916- )

Husband: JOY

Name: JOY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
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Wife: Lillian Matilda DUNN


Lillian Matilda DUNN

Name: Lillian Matilda DUNN1
Sex: Female
Father: Charles DUNN (1859-1923)
Mother: Emma ANDREWS (1854- )
Birth 1894
Death 18 Aug 1925 (age 30-31)
Burial Forist Hill Cemetry 28568 Square 107 or 10Y2,3
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Child 1: Arthur Stanley BSc FRIC CEng FIMM JOY

Name: Arthur Stanley BSc FRIC CEng FIMM JOY1,4
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eileen ( - )
Birth c. 19161
Residence Jul 1978 (age 61-62) 50 Great North Road Welwyn Herts AL6 0PX
Occupation Consultent to the Minerals Industry
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1"Letter from Stan Burden".
2"Doris Lambert's effects".
3"Certificate / card in Doris Lambert's effects".
4"email from Trina Taylor (Dunn)".
email from Trina Taylor (Dunn). Call Number: