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Family of John Peyton LAMBERT and Bessie EDWARDS

Husband: John Peyton LAMBERT (1830-1893)
Wife: Bessie EDWARDS ( - )
Children: Joseph Peyton LAMBERT (1853-1893)
Sybil Caroline LAMBERT ( - )

Husband: John Peyton LAMBERT

Name: John Peyton LAMBERT1
Sex: Male
Father: * John LAMBERT (1800-1871)
Mother: Jane PEYTON (1806-1864)
Birth 8 Aug 1830 Ireland1
Baptism 1831 (age 0-1) Athenry2
Death 1893 (age 62-63)1
Indiv Note

Wife: Bessie EDWARDS

Name: Bessie EDWARDS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Joseph Peyton LAMBERT

Name: Joseph Peyton LAMBERT1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Muriel GYE ( - )
Birth 5 Dec 1853 Dublin, Co. Dublin
Death 5 Dec 1893 (age 40) Dublin, Co. D1
Indiv Note

Child 2: Sybil Caroline LAMBERT

Name: Sybil Caroline LAMBERT
Sex: Female


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